Ranking: Four stars


Plays well. Ends fast. Simple rules, nice wooden pieces, attractive board. Just enough variables to make you think, but not so many that you go crazy as you decide how to optimize your choices. Using the Administrator to change all the city cards again and again can cause some irritation to other players.

Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory

We like the Power and Glory expansion to Thurn and Taxis. It's fun to play on a different map with new cities, and the addition of horses on the city cards not only adds an intriguing new choice but also makes the game slightly more relaxed: you can play any card as either a city or as a horse (to complete a route, the number of horses must match the number of cities in the route), so if you lack a city that connects to the route you are building, you can play a horse instead, which means that you are less likely to be unable to place a card in your route or lose the route you are building.